Unified CRM API

Integrate with top CRM platforms using a single CRM API

Powering integrations for global SaaS organizations like you

Use cases

Automate customer communication

Automate and personalize customer communication based on customer journey and engagement

Lead scoring and nurturing

Import leads directly into the CRM apps, prioritize leads and automate targeted campaigns for better conversion using lead and engagement data

Sales automation

Automate sales process inlcuding lead assignments, activity logging, pipeline management etc. by syncing CRM data

Customer analytics and deal intelligence

Use CRM data to get 360° customer view, analyze behavior, segment and profile, predict CLV etc

Marketing automation

Segment, target, track lead source, map customer journey, set event-triggered automation with key CRM data

Customer support & ticketing

Resolve customer issues quickly and effectively with customer journey details and history

Order management

Sync CRM data to track orders, automate order status updates, order & payment processing and order fulfillment

CRM API Data Models


The Account object refers to an individual account which is a person or a company. A Person Account will have an account as well as a Contact associated with it



The Contact object represents a person associated with an Account in a CRM system



The Deal object refers to a sales opportunity or a deal within the CRM system


Deal Stages

The Stage object represents the current stage of a sales opportunity or a deal



Engagement object refers to the engagement or interaction details captured in the CRM system



The Lead object is used to represent a potential customer


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"Brilliant product. Amazing team"

“Knit has great detailed documentation on each of their APIs, they support a wide variety of integrations that are critical for our customers. The team has been amazing in terms of their responsiveness to our customers' needs for integrations and have supported us in this journey this far. It's been awesome using Knit and more awesome working with Knit's team on this journey together”

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“Amazing Product With Exceptional Support from the team.”

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“A brilliant tool to let you seamlessly integrate with many different systems”

Very intuitive and easy to use, I have experienced no downtime despite using it to load a lot of data. It is very easy to integrate with and customer support is next level.


“A brilliant tool to let you seamlessly integrate with many different systems”

“Seamless Integration, Time Responses, Comprehensive Documentation”

The APIs are well documented and self explanatory, which makes the integration process easy and straightforward. The proactive communication by the team has been helpful in resolving any issues quickly.

Precisely, we are highly satisfied with the level of service and support provided.


“Seamless Integration, Time Responses, Comprehensive Documentation”

“Easy to Integrate”

Knit's dashboard is very intuitive to setup and test any integration. Their sandbox is super useful when it comes to test any integration during development.


“Easy to Integrate”

“Adding Integrations has never been easier”

KNIT was truly been a game-changer for our team and enhanced the way we work. Thanks to its effortless integrations, we could create our custom setup for so many use cases, including message updates on Slack, CRM insights from HubSpot, accounting notes from Xero, and many more!

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