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Knit is the only integrations platform you need to build and scale customer facing integration with confidence.

About Knit

Knit helps you add multiple integrations to your product in one go. Instead of having to build point integrations for each tool, with Knit's unified API, you integrate once with Knit and we in turn make sure that your integration works across all tools within the unified API's SaaS category.
Getting started with Knit is super simple - one of our customers was able to integrate with Knit in half a day! We also go the full mile with you in understanding your use case and making sure that Knit works for your product.
Perhaps this is why global unicorns have trusted Knit to power critical integrations for their products to close more deals, reduce churn, speed up time to market, and most importantly, save precious dev bandwidth!

Our Story

Knit understands that scaling integration is not a challenge faced by just the tech team, but the limited scope of integration impacts the whole SaaS business.
Having worked in SaaS companies, our team has witnessed how the sales team feels the pressure of customizing integrations for each new prospect, how big deals are often stalled due to lack of sufficient integration or the delay in building integrations, how customer retention is a challenge for SaaS owing to poor integration management, and not to mention how the CTO and the tech team have to work extra hours to keep the integration game going.
At Knit, we continuously strive to make software integrations quick, easy and less resource-intensive. We are here to streamline all your native integrations, so you can focus 100% on upgrading your product.

The values that drive everything we do


As humans, we have managed to survive, & progress over ages by doing one thing - innovating. We believe in constantly pushing the bar of what's possible higher.

Customer Obsession

Our customers are hard at work trying to build products which improve lives. We are hard at work trying to make them successful. It is mission critical.


We equate leadership to ownership. We do not believe in "it's not my job", always do the right thing for the company, & always see what we started to completion.

Powering Global SaaS Organizations

"Brilliant product. Amazing team"

“Knit has great detailed documentation on each of their APIs, they support a wide variety of integrations that are critical for our customers. The team has been amazing in terms of their responsiveness to our customers' needs for integrations and have supported us in this journey this far. It's been awesome using Knit and more awesome working with Knit's team on this journey together.”

Farhad E.
Engineering at Multiplier

“Amazing Product With Exceptional Support from the team.”

Andy Smith

“A brilliant tool to let you seamlessly integrate with many different systems”

Very intuitive and easy to use, I have experienced no downtime despite using it to load a lot of data. It is very easy to integrate with and customer support is next level.


“A brilliant tool to let you seamlessly integrate with many different systems”

“Seamless Integration, Time Responses, Comprehensive Documentation”

The APIs are well documented and self explanatory, which makes the integration process easy and straightforward. The proactive communication by the team has been helpful in resolving any issues quickly.

Precisely, we are highly satisfied with the level of service and support provided.

Product, Onsurity

“Seamless Integration, Time Responses, Comprehensive Documentation”

“Easy to Integrate”

Knit's dashboard is very intuitive to setup and test any integration. Their sandbox is super useful when it comes to test any integration during development.

Product, RazorpayX

“Easy to Integrate”

“Adding Integrations has never been easier”

KNIT was truly been a game-changer for our team and enhanced the way we work. Thanks to its effortless integrations, we could create our custom setup for so many use cases, including message updates on Slack, CRM insights from HubSpot, accounting notes from Xero, and many more!

Shreelekha S
Product, Floik

“Adding Integrations has never been easier”

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