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One API for all your integrations

Launch and scale native integrations faster by adding hundreds of third party integrations in one go with the Knit Unified API


What is KNIT

Knit is a Unified API Solution that aggregates and normalizes the APIs into a common data model and provides a unified API allowing developers to integrate apps with a one time effort of integrating with the Knit universal API.

Knit also eliminates the need to partner with API providers by providing an easy to use monitoring tool to monitor usage and issues at a customer level, saving further engineering bandwidth.


What KNIT offers

Unified data Model

Knit normalizes and syncs data models of all APPs within a category giving your engineers a single common data model to understand and build upon

Integrate and Sync

With an event-driven webhook architecture, Knit notifies you of any events of interest. No polling required for data syncs. Also, access any data using passthrough requests and custom fields

Customize Scopes

One scope doesn’t work for all! We let you fully customize scopes to permit & restrict data access the way you or your users want.

White Labelled Auth

Let customers authorize integrations directly in your app via Knit’s embedded auth UI component with completely customizable styling

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Let your developers focus on the core functionalities of your app while we scale the integrations for you. Add multiple chat, HRMS and CRM integrations to your APP along with continuous integration management with Knit universal API. The only end-to-end integration infrastructure you need

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The KNIT Difference

Unified API

Build multiple use cases with as many integrations in just days. Knit lets you sync data in real time with a single API key for all popular chat, HR, payroll, CRM integrations. No polling required

Integrations Management

We proactively catch all and any integration issues to fix them for users or let users know the RCA with resolution so the CX teams can fix these issues without having to involve engineers


We do not store any customer data at our end. Your customers control what data they want to share with customizable data access authorizations without any security & compliance concerns


Hassle free integrations with KNIT

Integrate with simple code, faster

Add integrations smoothly with clear API references and detailed end-to-end product documentation

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