Unified Accounting API

Knit makes it easier and faster to build and manage multiple accounting integrations with the universal Accounting API

Powering integrations for global SaaS organizations like you

Use cases

Tax compliance

Use accounting and transaction data to automate tax calculation and reporting

Expense tracking

Sync real time payment and invoice data to automatically log and categorize expenses

Inventory management

Sync sales and purchase data to automatically update inventory levels and value

Subscription billing

Get accounting data to facilitate automated billing and revenue recognition workflows

Payment gateway integration

Sync payment, invoice and journal data to automatically record and track transaction status, reconciliation etc.

Accounting API Data Models


Account object is used by companies to track transactions. It can be either a bank account or a general ledger account



The contact object represents either a vendor or a customer. It constitutes of all basic details (e.g. name, ID, tax-number etc) about each contact



Payment object refers to general payment towards any transaction, invoice, bill etc



The Address object refers to the recorded address of a contact



Invoice is typically a document issued by a seller to request payment. Here, Invoice object is used for both bill and invoice


Journal Entry

A JournalEntry object represents an accounting transaction recorded in the general ledger of a company



Phone object is the recorded phone number of a contact


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“A brilliant tool to let you seamlessly integrate with many different systems”

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“Seamless Integration, Time Responses, Comprehensive Documentation”

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“Easy to Integrate”

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