ADP API Endpoints and Directory

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ADP API Endpoints and DirectoryADP API Endpoints and Directory


ADP is an industry leader offering a comprehensive human capital management suite (HCM solutions), bringing together payroll, attendance, HR, time, insights, and other services under one roof. Overall, ADP offers a suite of APIs that developers can get access to via the ADP marketplace. The ADP marketplace contains two types of applications that developers can leverage based on their use case, i.e., Data Connector and End User Application. ADP APIs are designed using an event-based pattern for resource management. ADP provides RESTful APIs.

ADP API follows OpenID Connect and Open Authorization (OAuth) 2.0 flows for comprehensive security. For each of them, ADP provides access tokens, which are used for secure calls to protect ADP Web APIs. Essentially, an access token is a time-bound token, or credential, which can be used to access protected ADP Web APIs restricted to an access scope. Access tokens are provided to the application during the integration process as part of the OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 authentication and authorization flow.

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ADP API Authentication

To access and interact with ADP's APIs and authenticate users via single sign-on (SSO), you'll need a Certificate Signing Request (CSR). Accessing ADP's web services requires both a private key and a corresponding Web Services (WS) Certificate. This certificate shares client information with ADP, while the private key verifies the client's authenticity.The WS Certificate can either be generated through an automated process (ideal for those building a marketplace application) or through a manual process (ideal for those building their own business application). To know more about each of these processes, click here.  

ADP API Events and Endpoints

ADP API (ADP Workforce Now) uses the following endpoints to facilitate the flow of information and data across channels.


Worker: A person who works/ performs duties for an organization

Worker Images

  • GET/hr/v2/workers/{aoid}/worker-images/photo

Worker Profile Photo Management

  • GET/events/hr/v1/
  • POST/events/hr/v1/
  • POST/events/hr/v1/
  • GET/events/hr/v1/

Workers Data Retrieval

  • GET/hr/v2/workers/meta
  • GET/hr/v2/workers/{aoid}
  • GET/hr/v2/workers

Workers - Lifecycle Management

Worker.hire: Primary work assignment created between a worker/ person and the employer for the first time.

Rehire Worker

  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.rehire
  • GET/events/hr/v1/worker.rehire/meta

Workers - Data Integration Management

Read Worker

  • GET/events/hr/v1/
  • POST/events/hr/v1/

Worker Demographics

Worker Demographics: Demographics and information for all workers as well as each worker specifically. 

Worker Demographics

  • GET/hr/v2/worker-demographics/meta
  • GET/hr/v2/worker-demographics
  • GET/hr/v2/worker-demographics/{aoid}

Worker Associate Profile - Personal & Work Info

Worker associate profile: Extensions to the worker profile containing hobbies/interests, bio, Standout roles, etc.

Associate Preferred Gender Pronoun

  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.associate-profile.preferred-gender-pronoun.change
  • GET/events/hr/v1/worker.associate-profile.preferred-gender-pronoun.change/meta

Workers - Compensation Management

Add Additional Remuneration

  • POST/events/hr/v1/

Change Additional Remuneration

  • POST/events/hr/v1/

Change Base Remuneration

  • POST/events/hr/v1/

Remove Additional Remuneration

  • POST/events/hr/v1/

Workers - Work Assignment Management

Work assignment: Details such as a worker's Job Title and Job Function.

Modify Assigned Organizational Units

  • POST/events/hr/v1/

Modify Work Assignment

  • GET/events/hr/v1/
  • POST/events/hr/v1/

Modify Worker Reports 

  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.reports-to.modify

Terminate Work Assignment

  • POST/events/hr/v1/

Personal Contacts

Personal connects: To retrieve, add, update, and delete an associate's emergency contacts.

Add Personal Contact

  • GET/events/hr/v1/worker.personal-contact.add/meta
  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.personal-contact.add

Change Personal Contact

  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.personal-contact.change
  • GET/events/hr/v1/worker.personal-contact.change/meta

Personal Contacts

  • GET/hr/v2/associates/{aoid}/personal-contacts/meta
  • GET/hr/v2/associates/{aoid}/personal-contacts
  • GET/hr/v2/associates/{aoid}/personal-contacts/{personal-contact-id}

Remove Personal Contact

  • GET/events/hr/v1/worker.personal-contact.remove/meta
  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.personal-contact.remove

Worker Profile Experience (WFN)

Worker profile experience: Manage the HR Worker Profile implementation, add a new position for an employee and update the primary position of an employee, change the base remuneration details of an employee. 

Compensation Management

  • PUT/hr/worker-profile/v1/workers/{aoid}/work-assignments/{assignment-id}/base-remuneration
  • GET/hr/worker-profile/v1/workers/{aoid}/work-assignments/{assignment-id}/base-remuneration/meta
  • POST/hr/worker-profile/v1/workers/{aoid}/work-assignments/{assignment-id}/additional-remunerations
  • GET/hr/worker-profile/v1/workers/{aoid}/work-assignments/{assignment-id}/additional-remunerations
  • PUT/hr/worker-profile/v1/workers/{aoid}/work-assignments/{assignment-id}/additional-remunerations
  • GET/hr/worker-profile/v1/workers/{aoid}/work-assignments/{assignment-id}/reportable-benefits/meta
  • GET/hr/worker-profile/v1/workers/{aoid}/work-assignments/{assignment-id}/additional-remunerations/meta
  • POST/hr/worker-profile/v1/workers/{aoid}/work-assignments/{assignment-id}/reportable-benefits
  • GET/hr/worker-profile/v1/workers/{aoid}/work-assignments/{assignment-id}/reportable-benefits
  • PUT/hr/worker-profile/v1/workers/{aoid}/work-assignments/{assignment-id}/reportable-benefits

Corporate Groups Management

  • POST/hr/worker-profile/v1/workers/{aoid}/work-assignments/{assignment-id}/corporate-groups
  • GET/hr/worker-profile/v1/workers/{aoid}/work-assignments/{assignment-id}/corporate-groups/meta

Position Data Management

  • PUT/hr/worker-profile/v1/workers/{aoid}/work-assignments/{assignment-id}/worker-dates
  • PUT/hr/worker-profile/v1/workers/{aoid}/work-assignments/{assignment-id}/primary-assignment

Workers - Business Communication Management

Add Worker Business Email

  • POST/events/hr/v1/

Add Worker Business Fax

  • POST/events/hr/v1/

Add Worker Business Landline

  • POST/events/hr/v1/

Add Worker Business Mobile

  • POST/events/hr/v1/

Add Worker Business Pager

  • POST/events/hr/v1/

Change Worker Business Email

  • POST/events/hr/v1/

Change Worker Business Fax

  • POST/events/hr/v1/

Change Worker Business Landline

  • POST/events/hr/v1/

Change Worker Business Mobile

  • POST/events/hr/v1/

Change Worker Business Pager

  • POST/events/hr/v1/

Remove Worker Business Email

  • POST/events/hr/v1/

Remove Worker Business Fax

  • POST/events/hr/v1/

Remove Worker Business Landline

  • POST/events/hr/v1/

Remove Worker Business Mobile

  • POST/events/hr/v1/

Remove Worker Business Pager

  • POST/events/hr/v1/

Corporate Directory

Corporate directory: List of corporate contacts or detailed information about a specific contact

Corporate Directory

  • GET/{sor-id}/hr/v1/corporate-contact-photos/{image-id}.{image-extension}

Work Assignment Management

Add Work Assignment

  • POST/hr/v3/workers/{aoid}/work-assignments
  • GET/hr/v3/workers/{aoid}/work-assignments/meta

Workers - Biological Data Management

Change Birth Date

  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.birth-date.change

Change Gender

  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.gender.change

Change Race

  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.race.change

Change Worker Gender Identity

  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.gender-identity.change
  • GET/events/hr/v1/worker.gender-identity.change/meta

Workers - Demographic Data Management

Change Birth Name

  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.birth-name.change

Change Legal Name

  • POST/events/hr/v1/

Change Preferred Name

  • GET/events/hr/v1/worker.preferred-name.change/meta
  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.preferred-name.change

Change Worker Marital Status

  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.marital-status.change

Change Worker Military Classification

  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.military-classification.change

Change Worker Military Status

  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.military-status.change

Workers - Personal Communication Management

Add Worker Legal Address

  • POST/events/hr/v1/

Add Worker Personal Address

  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.personal-address.add

Add Worker Personal Email

  • POST/events/hr/v1/

Add Worker Personal Fax

  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.personal-communication.fax.add

Add Worker Personal Landline

  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.personal-communication.landline.add

Add Worker Personal Mobile

  • POST/events/hr/v1/

Add Worker Personal Pager

  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.personal-communication.pager.add

Change Worker Legal Address

  • POST/events/hr/v1/

Change Worker Personal Address

  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.personal-address.change

Change Worker Personal Email

  • POST/events/hr/v1/

Change Worker Personal Fax

  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.personal-communication.fax.change

Change Worker Personal Landline

  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.personal-communication.landline.change

Change Worker Personal Mobile

  • POST/events/hr/v1/

Change Worker Personal Pager

  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.personal-communication.pager.change

Remove Worker Legal Address

  • POST/events/hr/v1/

Remove Worker Personal Address

  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.personal-address.remove

Remove Worker Personal Email

  • POST/events/hr/v1/

Remove Worker Personal Fax

  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.personal-communication.fax.remove

Remove Worker Personal Landline

  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.personal-communication.landline.remove

Remove Worker Personal Mobile

  • POST/events/hr/v1/

Remove Worker Personal Pager

  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.personal-communication.pager.remove
  • GET/events/hr/v1/worker.personal-communication.pager.remove/meta

Workers - Work Deployment Management

Change Standard Hours

  • POST/events/hr/v1/

Change Worker Type

  • POST/events/hr/v1/

Workers - Custom Data Management

Change Worker Custom Percentage

  • GET/events/hr/v1/worker.custom-field.percentage.change/meta
  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.custom-field.percentage.change

Change Worker Custom Telephone

  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.custom-field.telephone.change
  • GET/events/hr/v1/worker.custom-field.telephone.change/meta

Manage Worker Custom Amount

  • GET/events/hr/v1/worker.custom-field.amount.change/meta
  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.custom-field.amount.change

Manage Worker Custom Code

  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.custom-field.code.change
  • GET/events/hr/v1/worker.custom-field.code.change/meta

Manage Worker Custom Date

  • GET/events/hr/v1/
  • POST/events/hr/v1/

Manage Worker Custom Indicator

  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.custom-field.indicator.change
  • GET/events/hr/v1/worker.custom-field.indicator.change/meta

Manage Worker Custom Number

  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.custom-field.number.change
  • GET/events/hr/v1/worker.custom-field.number.change/meta

Manage Worker Custom String

  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.custom-field.string.change
  • GET/events/hr/v1/worker.custom-field.string.change/meta

Workers - Identification Management

Add Worker Government ID

  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.government-id.add

Change Worker Government ID

  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.government-id.change

Workers - Person Custom Data Management

Change Person Custom Amount

  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.person.custom-field.amount.change
  • GET/events/hr/v1/worker.person.custom-field.amount.change/meta

Change Person Custom Code

  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.person.custom-field.code.change
  • GET/events/hr/v1/worker.person.custom-field.code.change/meta

Change Person Custom Date

  • GET/events/hr/v1/
  • POST/events/hr/v1/

Change Person Custom Indicator

  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.person.custom-field.indicator.change
  • GET/events/hr/v1/worker.person.custom-field.indicator.change/meta

Change Person Custom Number

  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.person.custom-field.number.change
  • GET/events/hr/v1/worker.person.custom-field.number.change/meta

Change Person Custom Percentage

  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.person.custom-field.percentage.change
  • GET/events/hr/v1/worker.person.custom-field.percentage.change/meta

Change Person Custom String

  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.person.custom-field.string.change
  • GET/events/hr/v1/worker.person.custom-field.string.change/meta

Change Person Custom Telephone

  • GET/events/hr/v1/worker.person.custom-field.telephone.change/meta
  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.person.custom-field.telephone.change

Worker Leaves

Worker leaves: Processing an employee's leave requests, changes, and return and leave cancellations.

Cancel Worker Leave

  • GET/events/hr/v1/worker.leave.cancel/meta
  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.leave.cancel

Change Worker Leave

  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.leave.change
  • GET/events/hr/v1/worker.leave.change/meta

Request Leave Of Absence

  • GET/events/hr/v1/worker.leave.absence.request/meta
  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.leave.absence.request

Request Return From Leave Of Absence

  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.leave.return.request
  • GET/events/hr/v1/worker.leave.return.request/meta

Worker Leaves

  • GET/hr/v2/workers/{aoid}/leaves

Workers - KSAOC Management

Change Worker Highest Education Level

  • POST/events/hr/v1/worker.highest-level-education.change
  • GET/events/hr/v1/worker.highest-level-education.change/meta

ADP API Use Cases

  • Easy to use, intuitive interface and highly customizable with efficient customer support
  • Access best-practice guides, HR forms, policies, and an employee handbook template
  • Automation of processes like onboarding, status change, offboarding
  • Providing employees access to to their pay, benefits and time information, offering true self service
  • Real time mobile phone access to important information like time off, benefits data, etc. with a mobile application
  • Tracking and monitoring of key metrics like labor costs, overtime, actual vs. scheduled hours, turnover rate for better HR services

Top Customers

  • Jelly Belly, gourmet jelly belly candies and confections manufacturer
  • Amazon, a vast Internet-based enterprise
  • The Boston Globe, an American daily newspaper
  • Dell Technologies, a provider of desktop personal computers, software, and peripherals
  • Sunstone Partners, a growth-oriented private equity firm


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Common Integrations with ADP API

While there can be multiple integrations and use cases for ADP API, here is a list of the top SaaS companies or products that can integrate with ADP API to facilitate customer success:

  • Learning Management Solutions
  • Rewards, Recognitions, and Performance
  • Communication and Collaborations
  • Employee Travel and Booking Tools
  • Workforce Planning and Org Chart Solutions

How to integrate with ADP API

Here is a comprehensive resource for anyone who wishes to integrate with ADP API and streamline and optimize their HR and allied operations. 

Get started with ADP API 

The pricing for ADP API is not publicly available. However, the platform does offer a demo for interested customers. At the same time, ADP provides tailor-made pricing based on specific company requirements. Thus companies can share the required information to get access to competitive pricing, across different tiers based on the features they need. You can request pricing here.

To make the integration process smooth with ADP, you can get started with Knit, one API for all your integrations. Sign up with Knit or book a demo here with one of our experts - Book Demo