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Workday API DirectoryWorkday API Directory

Founded in 2005, Workday is a leading provider of financial, HR and planning software. It facilitates financial management, human capital management and analytics management for companies, students/ educational institutions and government agencies. They provide solutions across analytics and reporting, payroll, workforce management, spend management, talent management, professional services automation. 

For a detailed guied on Workday API integrations, read our in-depth guide to the Workday API. Below you will find a comprehensive directory of Workday API endpoints.

Workday API endpoints

While there are several Workday API endpoints, some of the top ones include:

Absence management

  • GET /balances/{ID}
  • GET /workers/{ID}/eligibleAbsenceTypes
  • GET /workers/{ID}/leavesOfAbsence/{subresourceID}
  • POST /workers/{ID}/requestTimeOff
  • GET /workers/{ID}/validTimeOffDates
  • GET /values/leave/status/
  • GET /values/timeOff/status/


  • GET /scorecardResults
  • GET /scorecards/{ID}
  • POST /workers/{ID}/requestOneTimePayment


  • GET /jobs/{ID}/payGroup
  • GET /payGroupDetails/{ID}
  • POST /taxRates
  • GET /values/payrollInputsGroup/payComponents/

Performance management

  • GET /feedbackBadges/{ID}


  • GET /interviews
  • GET /interviews/{ID}/feedback
  • GET /jobPostings/{ID}
  • GET /prospects/{ID}/educations
  • POST /prospects/{ID}/experiences
  • GET /prospects/{ID}/resumeAttachments
  • GET /prospects/{ID}/skills
  • GET /values/common/countries/

Time tracking

  • POST /timeClockEvents
  • GET /timeValidations
  • GET /workerTimeBlocks/{ID}
  • POST /workers/{ID}/timeReviewEvents

Talent management

  • POST /createMentorshipForMe
  • POST /createMentorshipForWorker
  • POST /mentorships/{ID}/close
  • POST /mentorships/{ID}/edit

Here’s a detailed guide on all Workday API endpoints as a ready reference.

Workday API use cases

  • Financial management with accounting and finance, revenue management, grants management, analytics and reporting, audit and internal controls
  • Human capital management via payroll and workforce management, talent, help, knowledge, and case management, workforce planning
  • Adaptive ERP to automate and streamline plans, budgets, and forecasts and align headcount, sales, and operational plans
  • Employee voice to collect and analyze feedback, with insights on employee experience to drives organizational success with AI
  • Spend management with sourcing project intake, pipeline management, contract management, supplier onboarding and performance management

Workday API FAQs

Check out the top FAQs for Workday API to help you get started

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Get started with Workday API

Workday doesn’t offer its pricing publicly and you can get in touch with their team for the same. However, if you are looking to integrate with multiple HRMS or Recruitment APIs in the shortest time, you can get started with Knit, one API for all top HR integrations.

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