Zoho People API Guide

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Zoho People API GuideZoho People API Guide

Zoho People API Directory

Zoho People is a leading HR solution provider which enables companies to automate and simplify their HR operations. Right from streamlining core HR processes, to supporting time and attendance management, to facilitating better performance management and fostering greater learning and development, Zoho People has been transforming HR operations for 4500+ companies for over a decade. 

With Zoho People API, companies can seamlessly extract and access employee data, update it and integrate this application with other third party applications like ATS, LMS, employee onboarding tools, etc. to facilitate easy exchange of information. 

Zoho People API Authentication

Like most industry leading HRIS applications, Zoho People API uses OAuth2.0 protocol for authentication. The application leverages Authorization Code Grant Type to obtain the grant token(code), allowing users to share specific data with applications, without sharing user credentials. Zoho People API uses access tokens for secure and temporary access which is used by the applications to make requests to the connected app. 

Using OAuth2.0, Zoho People API users can revoke a customer's access to the application at any time, prevent disclosure of any credentials, ensure information safeguarding if the client is hacked as access tokens are issued to individual applications, facilitate application of specific scopes to either restrict or provide access to certain data for the client.

Zoho People API Objects, Data Models & Endpoints

Integrating with any HRIS application requires the knowledge and understanding of the objects, data models and endpoints it uses. Here is a list of the key concepts about Zoho People API which SaaS developers must familiarize themselves with before commencing the integration process. 

Forms API

  • POSTInsert Record API


  • POSTInsert Record API for Adding Employees


  • POSTUpdate Record API


  • GETGet Bulk Records API

https://people.zoho.com/people/api/forms/<formLinkName>/getRecords?sIndex=<record starting index>&limit=<maximum record to fetch>​

  • POSTAdd Department API


  • GETFetch Forms API


  • GETFetch Single Record API


  • GETFetch Single Record API (Section Wise)


  • GETGet Related Records API

https://people.zoho.com/people/api/forms/<formLinkName>/getRelatedRecords?sIndex=<sIndex>&limit=<limit>& parentModule=<parentModule>&id=<id>&lookupfieldName=<lookupfieldName>

  • GETSearch Records Based on Record Values

https://people.zoho.com/people/api/forms/<formLinkName>/getRecords?searchParams={searchField: '<fieldLabelName>', searchOperator: '<operator>', searchText : '<textValue>'}

  • GETGet Fields of Form API


Cases API

  • POSTAdd Case API

https://people.zoho.com/api/hrcases/addcase?categoryId=<Category ID>&subject=<subject>&description=<description>

  • GETView Case API

https://people.zoho.com/api/hrcases/viewcase?recordId=<Reord ID of the case>

  • GETView Case Listing API


  • GETView List of Categories API


Timesheet API

  • POSTCreate Timesheets API


  • POSTModify Timesheets API


  • GETGet Timesheets API


  • GETGet Timesheets Details API


  • POSTApprove Timesheets API


  • POSTDelete Timesheets API


Onboarding API

  • POSTTrigger Onboarding API


  • POSTAdd Candidate API


  • POSTUpdate Candidate API


Leave API

  • POSTAdd Leave API


  • POSTGet Record API


  • PATCHCancel Leave API


  • GETUser Report API


  • GETLeave Booked and Balance Report API


  • GETLeave Bradford API


  • GETEncashment Report API


  • GETLOP Report API



  • POSTAdd Leave Balance API


Attendance API

  • POSTBulk Import API


  • GETFetch Last Attendance Entries API

https://people.zoho.com/api/attendance/fetchLatestAttEntries?duration=5&dateTimeFormat=dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm:ss

  • POSTAttendance Check In Check Out API

https://people.zoho.com/people/api/attendance?dateFormat=<dateFormat>&checkIn=<checkin time>&checkOut=<checkout time>&empId=<employeeId>&emailId=<emailId>&mapId=<mapId>

  • POSTAttendance Entries API


  • POSTAttendance User Report API


  • POSTEmployee Shift Mapping API

https://people.zoho.com/people/api/attendance/updateUserShift?dateFormat=<dateformat>&empId=<employee Id>&shiftName=<shift name>&fdate=<FromDate>&tdate=<toDate>

  • GETGetting Shift Details Of Employee API

https://people.zoho.com/people/api/attendance/getShiftConfiguration?empId=<employee Id>&emailId<email Id>=&mapId<Mapper ID>=&sdate<startDate>=&edate=<endDate>

  • GETGet Regularization Records API


For more information and details on other endpoints, check out this detailed resource

Zoho People API Use Cases

  • Quick candidate onboarding with offer letter management, new hire portal, customizable workflows and status-view reports
  • Cloud-based attendance management system to generate insightful reports, regularize attendance, option to check in from anywhere 
  • Simple time off management tool with leave policy compliance, instant access to employee leave history, mobile leave applications and approvals and multi-location time off and holiday management
  • Productivity timesheets to view the details of the time spent on every project, task, and client, get a centralized overview of your tasks and time resources, calculate payouts faster with accurate employee time logs and automate invoicing
  • Shift scheduling to map employees to standard shifts, enable automatic shift rotation with a custom scheduler, mark, track, and analyze breaks and allowances
  • Performance management with 360-degree, continuous feedback system, to evaluate employees with customized performance appraisal methods
  • Case management to sort and organize employee questions, track their status, and reply promptly from a central location with an easily accessible knowledge base

Top customers

  • Zomato, an Indian multinational restaurant aggregator and food delivery company
  • The Logical Indian, an independent and public-spirited digital media platform for Indian millennials
  • IIFL Finance, a leading finance & investment services company
  • Meesho, an online shopping platform
  • Waterfield Advisors, a leading independent Multi-Family Office and Wealth Advisory Firm
  • DLT Labs, a global leader in the development and delivery of enterprise blockchain technologies and solutions

Zoho People API FAQs

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How to integrate with Zoho People API

To integrate your preferred applications with Zoho People API, you need valid Zoho People user credentials. In addition you also must have a valid authentication token or OAuth to access Zoho People API. 

Get started with Zoho People API

Integrating with Zoho People API requires engineering bandwidth, resources and knowledge. Invariably, building and maintaining this integration can be extremely expensive for SaaS companies. Fortunately, with Knit, a unified HRIS API, you can easily integrate with Zoho People API and other multiple HRIS applications at once. Knit enables users to normalize data from across HRIS applications, including Zoho People, 10x faster, ensure higher security with double encryption and facilitates bi-directional data sync with webhook architecture to ensure guaranteed scalability, irrespective of data load. Book a demo to learn how you can get started with Zoho People API with ease.